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Hey guys, let me introduce myself.

I am Adam Mumper! The most known unknown. I represent versatility in the tattoo industry. I am especially skilled in color realism and black and gray realism. Portraits and animals as well. I also love to do surrealism.

My interpretation of emotion translated into skin makes every tattoo one of a kind. 

How Booking works


I do things differently when it comes to appointments, consults and design aspects. I thoroughly enjoy meeting clients to go through concepts, seeing cover up potential and breaking communication barriers. I never do designs the day of. My process involves in depth thought to give you the best I can offer. Designs are done anywhere from 3-7 days before appt to make sure everything is ready before the actual appt.

I try to get back with people within a few days.


Adam mumper Tattoos

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193 S Main St, Fond du Lac


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Thursday-Monday:  11:00am - 9:00pm